Thursday 27th April at 7:30pm

Jazz at the Manor The Miroshnichenko Band
The Manor Hotel, Crickhowell

Saturday 29th April at 3:00pm

Celebrity Recital A Musical Banquet
St. Catwg's Church, Llangattock

Sunday 30th April at 10:00am

Festival Service
St. Catwg's Church, Llangattock

Sunday 30th April at 7:30pm

The Courts of Earth & Heaven
St. Edmund's Church, Crickhowell

Monday 1st May at 7:30pm

Worlds Apart
St. Edmund's Church, Crickhowell

Crickhowell Music Festival 2017 Events are listed above and can also be downloaded.


Thursday & Saturday Concerts £10.00

Sunday & Monday Concerts £16.00

Students free at all events

Tickets can be purchased from:

  • Webbs Crickhowell,
  • Abergavenny Music (01873) 853394,
  • Genet Bevan (01873) 810935, or
  • Choir Members


For details of where to stay during the Festival please contact CRiC on 01873 811970 or visit Crickhowell Info.


Crickhowell Choral Society would like to welcome you to the Crickhowell Music Festival 2017 'The Courts of Heaven & Earth', musical delights from royal palaces both here and in the realms above.

Come with us on a grand tour of the lavish palaces of Europe, as we eavesdrop on the sumptuous music-making once offered there to royalty. Whether it be a visit to the splendours of the Sun King's court at Versailles, Queen Anne's birthday celebrations in London, or high mass in Salzburg and Venice, we are sure to experience some sublime sounds fit for a king but also intended to transport us all to the realms above."

Along the way we shall hear inspirational works by the leading composers of their day: Handel, Vivaldi, Mozart, Haydn and CPE Bach to name but a few, all sung by a team of high-ranking soloists and our dedicated choir. The Festival, now in its 23rd year, has always served to generate interest in exciting - but often neglected - repertoire and this year is no exception, with several rarely-heard masterpieces including Handel’s Eternal Source of Light, motets by Delalande and Campra, Vivaldi’s ‘other’ Gloria setting, Mozart motets, plus a remarkable Sanctus by CPE Bach, which he himself considered to be one of his greatest works.

Complementing these riches, Saturday’s celebrity recital offers us a wonderful variety of courtly airs and lute songs conceived for more intimate consumption at the courts of Europe. Here, Catherine King’s renowned interpretations of Dowland will doubtless be something to cherish.

Do sit back and enjoy a dual banquet of earthly and heavenly delights!